Brazil Nuts

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Ronal Quispe Torres

A report in Fair Comment, The Fairtrade Foundation newsletter

Hannah Reed, Campaigns Co-ordinator at the Fairtrade Foundation, travelled to Bolivia to find out about how Brazil nut gatherers are benefiting as co-owners of new Fairtrade nut company Liberation. There she met Ronal Quispe Torres.


An article by Mark Kinver, Science & Environment report, BBC News

A study examining the natural dispersal of Brazil nuts has suggested that intensive harvesting could threaten future regeneration of the trees.

Researchers found that large rodents quickly ate the nuts, rather than caching them, when supplies were scarce. When supplies were plentiful, almost twice as many nuts were buried, increasing the chance of successful germination, the team added.

Patricio Lean

Report by Kristin Underwood, based on interviews with Brazil Nut Concession Owners

During a Green Living Project to South American tour Kristin Underwood interviewed Brazil Nut Concession Owners, and in particular, Patricio Lean. This 75 year old man has been harvesting brazil nuts since he was about 14 years old and is still out doing it.

When asked why he never left the area, why he stuck with this land through thick and thin, he wisely replied that, "I am from this land. I love this land. I could have left before but the deer is always called by the forest. I have to stay here."

Green Living Project - Peru - Brazil Nuts, with video