Brazil Nuts
Brazil Nut Tree

Brazil nuts ~ help protect the rainforest!

Curiously, the canopy emergent Brazil nut [Bertholletia excelsa] tree does not produce nuts outside of healthy, primary or virgin rainforest, because it relies on a bee, an orchid and a rodent, all of which prefer undisturbed rainforest, for its lifecycle
~ a symbiotic relationship!

Brazil Nuts & symbiosis in the forest

So, why does this tree need to be in the rainforest to produce nuts....

The brazil nut tree has never been successfully cultivated to produce a full harvest
of nuts outside of healthy, primary rainforest. This is all because of an amazing symbiotic relationship with:
      ~ an agouti, a rabbit-sized rodent [needed for seed dispersal]
      ~ a female large-bodied orchid bee [needed for pollination]
      ~ an orchid [needed by the male bee to attract the female bee]
      ~ a tiny frog [needs the empty pods for it's tadpoles]
                   - see "Web of Life" picture below.

Thus, buying and eating Brazil nuts directly helps to SAVE the RAINFOREST!

Bio = of or relating to life

Five Basic Steps to Saving Rainforests

"TREES" is a set of principles for saving rainforests and, also ecosystems around
the world.


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